Welcome to the UK Ovni Owners web site, which is dedicated to Alubat’s Ovni yachts and their users.

Ovnis are a unique range of lifting-keel yachts built of aluminium in France by the company Alubat.  You can see some Ovnis in the gallery.

This site aims to foster the community of Ovni owners in the British Isles and be a place to share knowledge and experience.  We also welcome owners from outside the British Isles who appreciate an English language site.

The site operates on a membership basis, provides news posts and hosts discussion forums on a range of topics of interest to owners. To learn about the features and facilities, see the About section.  Almost all the content and forums are restricted to logged-in members.

This site is a successor to the former Ovni Owners Club site, which ceased in February 2011.  If you were a member of that site, you will need to register afresh on this one.

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